New limited edition Cranberry

The Czech company of Manufaktura launches limited editions, which are very popular with customers, twice a year. On September 1 a brand new limited edition designed especially for autumn and winter will see the light of day. This time Manufaktura drew inspiration in tiny red fruits typical of our forests and hills. Welcome warm Cranberry! It contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and brings a great deal of benefits also to your beauty – taking pride in excellent hydrating, softening, brightening and rejuvenating effects. The limited edition includes Emollient Velvet Body Lotion, Sparkling Shower & Bath Gel, Softening Scented Bath Salt, Softening & Protective Hand Cream, Protective & Nourishing Face Balm, Emollient & Protective Lip Balm, Women´s Eau de Toilette, Cranberry Syrup and Natural Scented Candle from Soya Wax. The cosmetic products contain cranberry extract and many other natural ingredients and they have distinctive amazing sparkling warm fragrance.