Pepe Jeans London’s New Fabric Technology GYMDIGO

-The look of a denim with the comfort of a jersey-

Master of denim design and master of innovation, Pepe Jeans London launchesGymdigo, a new fabric for the new season that will forever change your denim desires. As comfortable as knitted jersey yet realised in the jean fabrication, Gymdigo boasts a new technology in weaving to emulate stretch, comfort and ease. Cotton in feel, but durably denim this is the ultimate in jeans dressing combining the relaxed and leisurely attributes of a jogging trouser in the guise of the urban denim staple – the fashion dream. The most comfortable design in the market (as well as super stretch, it has thermal properties), it can be washed in the same way as all of your other Pepe Jeans London jeans so there’s nothing additional to worry about – only which style to buy. Pepe Jeans London will be developing different models to be found among collections for men, women and juniors.