New Eyemazy store in PALLADIUM (floor +1)

Come to PALLADIUM to Eyemazy, a new store with an unusual offer - capturing your iris and then creating an unusual work of art that you can display in your home or give to someone.

The Czech franchise of the German company Eyemazy, which has settled down in PALLADIUM on floor +1 since 1 July 2024, creates unique works of art from iris photographs. A special photobox captures your iris in seconds. The digitally photographed iris is then post-produced in a computer. However, the original color and patterns on the iris remain during the editing process to maintain the authenticity of the iris. The photographed iris is then either printed on the material and format of your choice (for small formats and selected materials, the printing is done directly at the PALLADIU premises, for others it takes a maximum of 10 days) or downloaded in digital form.

Each iris is unique, and so each work created in Eyemazy is unique. With a unique machine that can capture the texture and colour of the iris, cutting edge printing technology and premium materials on which the iris is printed, the result is an unparalleled work of art with stunning detail.

Come to Eyemazy in PALLADIUM to discover the magic of your iris and have your iris photograph created into a unique piece of art. The Eyemazy store on floor +1 is open for you every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.




Photos credit: PALLADIUM