Wear your T-shirt inside out! The Inside-Out Day in PALLADIUM on May 15

The patient organisation DEBRA ČR announced The Inside-Out Day on Wednesday May 15, 2024. We are delighted that this year we, PALLADIUM, are taking part in it.

Whoever wears an inside-out T-shirt on Wednesday May 15, 2024 will be expressing his/her support for patients with epidermolysis bullosa. The patients can be harmed by a seam in their clothes. The Inside-Out Day raises awareness of this rare but extremely serious and life-limiting disease. Because when you wear your shirt inside out, people will point it out to you and you will explain to them why you are wearing your clothes just the way you are.

And why on May 15? Because on this day, exactly 20 years ago, DEBRA ČR was founded. It is the only organisation dedicated to the comprehensive support of people with such illnesses, providing a wide range of services and implementing many activities and projects for them in order to relieve their families socially, psychologically and economically. 

Find the courage to wear your T-shirt on the Inside-Out Day, as patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa wear it to protect their fragile skin, and come to PALLADIUM. If you stop by Infokiosk (floor 0) between 10 am and 6 pm and show that you wear your shirt inside out, you will receive a warm heart (PALLADIUM merch) as a thank you for you kidness and humanity from one of our hostesses. And that's not all! For the first 15 of you who come to Infokiosk with your T-shirt inside out and say the slogan "DEBRA" to our hostess, we will give a special design t-shirt from DEBRA ČR.

We look forward to seeing you. We believe that there will be as many of us with our T-shirts inside out as possible on Wednesday May 15, 2024 in PALLADIUM.