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Dear customers, welcome in our Ráj Sýrů cheese store.

Please come to taste and buy quality cheese from Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland and many other European countries. We sell popular Czech cheese, too. In our offer you will also find delicacies filled with delicious cheese (such as peppers, hot peppers, apricots, dates, prunes), pickled tomatoes, delicious homemade pâté, foie gras, French dried tenderloin, cheese biscuits, excellent BIO wines from Spain, as well as quality Czech wines. You can also buy cheese tools, such as cheese slicers, graters, fondues, knives, curlers. Very popular are also our gift baskets that we can make for you based on your wish and expenses. Our shop assistants speak Czech, Russian, Ukrainian as well as English so we are able to communicate and serve people from all around the world. We accept payment in cash (CZK, USD, EUR), credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Visa etc).  We are looking forward to your visit! :)