Do you know what Armenia tastes like? The new Taste of Armenia stand on floor -1

The Taste of Armenia (Chuť Arménie in Czech) brings carefully selected delicacies inspired by the taste of Armenia to the Czech Republic through its stand on floor -1 in PALLADIUM.

You can taste and, of course, buy sweet delicacies - sharnut (walnuts dipped in grape juice and oriental spices, finally coated in premium Czech Jordis chocolate and finished with sprinkles) and arevik (named jelly made from reduced grape must with oriental spices, again coated in premium Czech Jordis chocolate) - which are handmade by a Czech-Armenian family company in eastern Bohemia.

Another assortment is an exclusive pomegranate wine imported from the south of Armenia - a wine that brings to life its sweet and sour taste.

The Taste of Armenia stand can be found on floor +1 between the TEZENIS and Pepe Jeans stores. It is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm.




Photos by Chuť Arménie (Bohaya)