Make Children Happy through Christmas Tree of Joy

You have an opportunity once again to join the 6th annual Christmas Tree of Joy project this year and make children from children´s homes and children´s oncological clinics throughout the Czech Republic happy with a Christmas gift they long for.

The CHRISTMAS TREE OF JOY is organized by the RADOST DĚTEM (Joy for Children) foundation and is located by the Infokiosk on the ground floor from December 7 to 23, 2020. You can pick up one out of 200 children´s wishes which are in different price ranges and after you buy the gift you bring it back to the Infokiosk.

The gifts then will be handed over to children, so they can also enjoy their Christmas. The goal of this project is to make those children happy, make them laugh and, at least for a couple hours, forget about their everyday struggles. 

(Photo: / Marcel Kubík and Kateřina Vich from Charity Fund Radost dětem)