New store TESCOMA in PALLADIUM (floor –2)

Go shopping in the new TESCOMA store! 

This store has the latest design of all TESCOMA brand stores, in which it has abandoned the traditional white color evoking purity and switched to dark green, complemented by wooden elements in the interior. Thanks to this combination, the interior has a pleasant, calm atmosphere in which shopping is a caress for the soul in today's hectic times. 

In the TESCOMA store in PALLADIUM (floor +1) you will find, in addition to traditional kitchen utensils for cooking, baking, and dining, gadgets for making coffee, and for transfer and storage of food and beverages that correspond to the latest design trends. In addition, you can also buy new appliances in the TESCOMA store, such as soup makers, smoothie makers, sandwich makers, fruit dryers and more. 

TESCOMA in PALLADIUM is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 9 am to 9 pm, from Thursday to Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm.