Recharging station for electric cars

Do you drive an electric car? Recharge it in PALLADIUM!
If so, you can recharge in PALLADIA garages on P1 floor. The recharging station is controlled by the Olife Energy mobile application, which you can download for free on Google Play and AppStore. You can also pay for the recharging of your electric car with the application.

How to use charging station:

  1. The charging station is controlled by a smart phone application OlifeEnergy. You can down load it for free from Google Play or AppStore.
  2. The charging station is ready to chargé when the green lights are on. Plug the charging plug into the E.V. charging socket.
  3. Charging can be started by clicking on the icon of the charging station in the smart phone application. Please scan the QR code via application, or enter the name of the connector which is located at the side of the charging station.
  4. Follow the instructions in smart phone application.

The charging price can be found in the description of the charging spot in the application. A receipt for the charging will appear in „History“ menu of the application.


  • The charging station is determined for the charging of electric vehicles meeting EN 61 851 standard, which all modern serial production electric vehicles meet.
  • Do not start a charging session if the station is not permanently showing green, or if the station or its parts are damaged.
  • Please keep the charging station and surrounding area clean, do not damage it. Always respect the charging station neighbourhood. Park your car in a way so that the second charging plug can be used by another user. If your vehicle is charged already, free the charging sport for another electric vehicle owner.
  • Any malfunction or damage to the charging station should be report at phone number T: +420 225 341 007.

Operator of the recharging station is a company Olife Energy a.s.

Olife Energy, a.s.
Lazarská 11/6, 120 00 Praha 2
T: +420 225 341 007