Sale exhibition of large-format photographs by Josef Edvard Gregor

Josef Edvard Gregor (1969), the graduate of The Institute of Creative Photography, is a skillful, meticulous and original photographer, whose large-format photographs, in the words of his teacher Pavel Scheufler (known photographer, photography historian, head trainer of Evening Photo lectures at FotoŠkoda Center), you can always see and find something new after you get the photo and hang it in your home.
The topic of the sale exhibition of this photographer is motivational art photo-pictures, whose unifying element is the idea of ​​the details that can not be understood without large formats.

The exhibition is titled Soup for the eyes and you can visit it during February in PALLADIUM on the floor +1 (opposite boutique ALO diamonds) and let your eyes admire the photo-pictures Hope, Love, Skyward, Heroes bed, Horizon, Romance Voyage to Nowhere and others.