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Calzedonia brand was founded in Verona, Italy, in 1986 as the first of five brands dynamically growing company Calzedonia S.p.A. This year we can find in the world more than 1,600 stores of this brand. Calzedonia specializes in selling swimwear, beachwear, leggings, hosiery and socks for men, women and children. It offers both seasonal collections that always reflects the latest global fashion trends, as well as a collection of "basic", where customers can find their favorite products for everyday use in primary colors. Calzedonia Swimwear Summer Collection is known for its wide selection of many panties and bras, which together can be combined in order to always choose a swimwear to every woman made to measure. Also offer specialty items such as "push up" leggings, quickly gained its popularity. Calzedonia is the current market leader, offers the hottest fashion trends, a wide range of styles and colors, prides itself on high quality materials and at the same time affordable price. In Calzedonia products you feel confidently, trendy and comfortable in any situation.