Installation by Jan Kaláb in front of PALLADIUM - Signal Festival (October 12.-15., 2023)

PhSignal Festival, a festival of digital and creative culture, starts on Thursday October 12, 2023. PALLADIUM is part of the festival this year thanks to the patronage of the installation Irideus Bulla (= rainbow bubble), created by the world-famous Czech artist Jan Kaláb!

This popular festival, which combines the historical buildings and scenery of Prague with the latest technologies and contemporary social issues, will offer 2 routes (1: Centrum and 2: Karlín/Holešovice) and 3 separate locations (“satellites”) with two objects and one laser projection.

Jan Kaláb's installation in front of PALLADIUM is part of the Centrum route, which starts at the Kunsthalle (near the Malostranská metro station) and ends at Senovážné náměstí (Senovážné Square). The installation is called Irideus Bulla and is a geometric abstraction of a solid, 8-meter-long object that does not behave like an immobile monument, but like a biological species that comes to life thanks to light and music.

Irideus Bulla will be displayed in náměsít Republiky (Republic Square) in front of PALLADIUM until Sunday, October 15, 2023. When you come to immerse yourself in its mysteries and let your imagination ride the wave of its power, be sure to go inside of PALLADIUM. In the doorway between the entrances from náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), you will see a dynamic light installation composed of more than 500 glass tubes that work with color transformations to create a unique light show. The second light installation, at the entrance to the building from the Náměstí Republiky metro station lobby, is made up of as many as 700 crystal tubes.

As long as Signal Festival is on the opening hours of Starbucks kiosk (next to the Náměstí Republiky metro lobby) will be extended until 10 p.m. It is valid from Thursday, October 12, 2023 to Sunday, October 15, 2023 included. You can apply a 10% discount on drinks during this time. Just say the password "Signal Festival" at the checkout counter in the kiosk.

The tour of all installations is free of charge.


Photo by Signal Festival