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Tajemná Indonésie

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We would like to introduce you to a unique exhibition called Tajemná Indonésie – Tamtamy času. You can visit it daily from December 7, 2023 from 12 pm to 7 pm just until June 21, 2024 in PALLADIUM on floor +2 in the unit above the Form Factory fitness center. 

This unforgettable exhibition about the mysterious island of New Guinea was created thanks to the adventurous journeys of Czech explorers to the forgotten corners of our planet. You can discover the secrets of New Guinea, Indonesia, the Pacific, and the Solomon Islands. Unique ethnographic collections, such as huge ritual totems, shields, initiation masks, spears, bows and arrows, stone ritual axes and bone knives, headdresses, and ornaments, can all be found in the atmosphere of a lush jungle with animals. There are also indigenous hut buildings and film screenings. Large-format photographs are the axis of the exhibition, bringing you closer to the beauty and mystery of this exotic destination.

The exhibition presents historical materials of the greatest aces of travel, such as Jiří Hanzelka, Miroslav Zikmund and Miloslav Stingl. It also brings together the extensive work of Rudolf Švaříček, who has explored the unknown ethnicities and adventurous exploits of the island's interior.

Experience a small tasting exhibition, walk through extreme exoticism with attractive fauna and flora, visit a mysterious tropical forest with interesting animals and see a sensational mummy. The exhibition reveals the secrets of the vast empire of Indonesia with a total of 17,000 distinct islands. Starting in Sumatra with elephants and orangutans, we travel through Java with its sultan cratons, volcanoes, and the largest stupa of Buddhism, to the unique tribes of Kalimantan and other fascinating destinations.

This exhibition, where entrance fee applies, is suitable for all ages, adults and children. Come and enjoy the atmosphere of a mysterious jungle and experience an extraordinary adventure!