The popular fast food Bageterie Boulevard is in PALLADIU (floor +2)

Czech fast food with French charm, Bageterie Boulevard, opened its branch in PALLADIU on floor +2. You can enjoy your favourite baguettes (whether fresh or grilled), fast food, soups, salads, pancakes, desserts, croissants and hot or cold drinks there.

Bageterie Boulevard in PALLADIUM offers you a special menu during the festival Praha žije hudbou:

  •     Brussels baguette menu (baguette + Ice Tea + Patatas) for 149 CZK
  •     Free patatas with baguette
  •     Pancake 1 you buy, 1 you get for free
  •     Fee tastings (Brussels baguettes, Ice Tea, Patatas and more)

and on Jun 3–4, 2022 from 3 to 6 pm a live show with Givi and his winning baguette from the TV cooking contest Masterchef Czech Republic.

So come by!